General FAQ

For specific questions about this year’s survey, please see the annual survey FAQ page here.

What’s the History of the Ace Community Survey?

The Ace Community Survey is an annual survey that has been running since 2014, originally under the name “Asexual Census”. It is the successor to a previous ace census project conducted by the Asexual Awareness Week project (AAW) in 2011. Learn more about the history of ace community surveys here.

I sometimes see the Ace Community Survey referred to as the “Asexual Census”. Is it an actual census?

The Ace Community Survey is not technically a census, as it does not survey the entire ace community – only a small sample of it. Earlier versions of the survey were named and referred to as the “Asexual Census” or “AVEN Census” in reference to the first attempt at an ace community survey by AAW in 2011 (which was also technically not a census).


The name of the survey project was changed to “The Ace Community Survey” in 2016 to more accurately reflect the fact that the survey was not a true census, and that it also includes members of the broader ace spectrum community who may not identify as “asexual” specifically.


Is the Ace Community Survey affiliated with any other groups?

The Ace Community Survey was originally started in partnership with the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN), but has always operated independently and as of 2017 is completely independent and unaffiliated with any other ace organizations.


Does the survey go through IRB approval?

As an independent project not affiliated with any university or formal research organization, we do not currently go through an IRB.  If you are a researcher interested in the IRB status of the survey, please contact us to ask for more details.